Notice of Change Manned Depot Hours at ANJ

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Change of Manned Quarantine Depot Hours – 7:00 – 15:30 Monday to Friday from August 13th 2018.

To our Valued ANJ Customers and Depot Facility Users

ANJ Containers, has been at the forefront of our industry in being the first and still only continually opened FAK and Quarantine Service provider in Australia, all within our company values in a commitment to meeting the needs of our clients, and logistics operators.
Through our initiatives we had been successful in lobbying extended hours for permanently based DAWR officers at ANJ, from the traditional end of services hours of 3.30pm daily to extending the officer service hours up to and including 6.30pm daily at no additional cost to users.

The extended officer hours have been in place for over (2) years and has allowed ANJ and our clients comfort in the knowledge that Quarantine services such as Tailgates, and General Inspections can be carried out and dealt with all within the reasonable working hours of most transport, and logistic operators.

We have received notice from DAWR that from Monday 13th August 2018 nationally all services of extended hours in manned sites including ANJ, will be withdrawn and will be returned to previous conditions in a completion of shift services to 3.30pm daily. In essence (3) hours per day has been withdrawn from ANJ depot within current arrangements..

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